What Are Some Activities for Seniors?

What Are Some Activities for Seniors?

Fun and healthy activities for seniors include fishing, photography, sports, hiking and gardening. The most suitable activities for a senior person depend on their age and physical health. Sports such as golf or tennis, for example, are often fun for seniors.

Exercise is important for physical health, and there are a number of energetic activities which are suitable for seniors. Yoga, for example, is an excellent way to increase flexibility with a light physical workout. Other examples of exercise which are suitable for seniors include water aerobics or walking.

Photography is an activity enjoyed by many senior people. Digital cameras have made photography easier to start, as there is no need for film or lengthy development processes. This is one of the more expensive activities, however, as it requires both a digital camera and a computer to upload photos.

If a senior person would prefer a less energetic activity, then joining a book club is a good option. Book clubs are social events, and reading the books between meetings is also a fun activity.

There are a number of indoor activities that are suitable for seniors. Journaling, for example, provides a creative outlet and is also fun. Other examples include dance classes, wine tasting and scrapbooking.