What Are Some Activities for Old People?

activities-old-people Credit: Sean Ives/Stone/Getty Images

Seniors who no longer work at full-time jobs or care for families are often left with a lot of free time while also experiencing decreased mobility. However, there are numerous resources to keep seniors active, from community service activities designed specifically for seniors, to art, music and family programs that they can engage in with friends and family members, according to AgingCare.com.

Sometimes the long stretches of unstructured hours for retired seniors can become emotionally stressful for them and their loved ones who are caring for them, as explained by AgingCare.com. The task of finding appropriate activities can be even more difficult when dealing with issues of memory loss or other physical limitations.

The Alzheimer's Association suggests that even elderly people who've lost portions of their memory function can remain active by taking part in such things as making homemade lemonade under supervision, listening to music (particularly popular music from their youth), brushing or combing hair, stringing beads, singing old songs, sorting objects by shape and color, cutting out photos and illustrations from magazines to create a collage, arranging flowers, feeding ducks and looking through family photo albums.

For more physically active seniors with good memory function, the Retired Senior Volunteer Program offers hundreds of opportunities for working alongside other seniors in community projects. Habitat For Humanity, which builds houses for needy families and veterans, welcomes able-bodied volunteers of all ages. As of 2014, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn continue working on Habitat projects, and they are in their 80s.