What Are Some Activities on KidsHealth?


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Activities on Kid’s Health include “Health Search,” “How the Body Works Scavenger Hunt,” “Rainy Day” and “The Game of Like.” All activities are free to access.

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The “How the Body Works Scavenger Hunt” is a fun activity that teaches children about different parts of the human anatomy. There is a list of 30 items in the scavenger hunt that the children need to figure out. Some items include figuring out how many bones adults have, knowing what the septum is, looking up how fast a sneeze is and researching how many hairs the average person has on his head. All the answers are available throughout the Kid’s Health website.

The “Health Search” activity is similar to the scavenger hunt, though it can be done alone as a learning activity. It asks questions about how many chambers are in a heart, where the thyroid is located and how to prevent pinworm.

“Rainy Day Fun” offers a list of fun things families can do when it's raining outside. It includes activities like having a puppet show, playing dress-up, building a fort and making a card or gift for someone they want to thank. There are tips and instructions for each activity, such as showing how to make simple puppets for the puppet show.

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