What Are Some Activities for the Elderly?


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Good activities for seniors include starting a simple exercise regimen, playing easy video games, and joining senior centers or card clubs, recommends Parentgiving. Depending on the older person's overall condition, urge him to study another language or subject, start photography or any new hobby, or join a volunteer group. He may also enjoy playing the piano or engaging in arts and crafts, especially drawing and oil painting.

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Teach a senior how to play easy games that help improve his motor skills and stimulate him mentally, suggests Parentgiving. Moreover, encourage him to make a memoir or memory book. For older people with physical or mental restrictions, recommend activities related to music and art to boost brain function. They may also volunteer to become storytellers for children in libraries and schools. Choose some activities that promote bonding between you and your senior loved one as well.

When thinking of recreational activities for older people, consider the subjects and hobbies they previously enjoyed, notes HealthyWomen. Seniors who used to like fashion and shopping may enjoy browsing retailers' websites, while those liked math, science or other subjects may find it fun to play relevant online games.

Try simple activities initially to increase a senior's confidence, and then move on to more challenging activities, advises HealthyWomen. Explain steps slowly, and choose a different activity if the senior experiences difficulty in grasping the task.

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