What Are Some Activities for Alzheimer's Patients?


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Activities for Alzheimer’s patients include gardening, painting, swimming, solving puzzles together, watching family videos and baking together, states AARP. Physical exercise, including swimming, taking a walk and participating in yoga classes, is helpful in maintaining both physical and mental well-being. As Alzheimer’s patients may be particularly responsive to music even if the disease has progressed significantly, singing along and listening to music together typically make good activity choices.

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Guidelines for choosing activities include involving the patient’s past interests, correctly evaluating his level of ability and creating a routine, AARP suggests. Patients are likely to be more interested in an activity if it incorporates some of their past interests. Depending on the patient’s condition, certain activities may be too difficult or too easy, making it crucial to assess his skills and tailor the activity appropriately. Caregivers are advised to create a routine around the activities the patient appears to enjoy the most, keeping the same procedures but using new content every time.

Activities may be helpful in reducing feelings of uselessness, anxiety and depression while strengthening the bond between the patient and caregiver, AARP notes. An exercise that doesn’t exceed the patient’s abilities can provide a sense of accomplishment and independence. Some activities can also help in maintaining skills needed for daily functioning, such as recognizing everyday items and manipulating objects around the house.

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