Which Acidic Foods Should You Avoid?


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Fried foods, chocolate, coffee, tea, carbonated beverages and dairy products are among the acidic-promoting foods to be avoided, especially by people who are prone to heartburn, states WebMD. Acidic foods are known to allow stomach acid to irritate the esophagus that causes burning chest pain and other health problems.

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Eating too many acid-promoting foods leads to diabetes, kidney problems and liver diseases, according to the Dr. Oz website. Foods such as meat and dairy products tend to increase the acidity of blood in the body. Full-fat dairy products such as sour cream, ice cream, cheese and milk are among the most acidic foods, states Healthline. High-fat butter cookies, brownies, donuts and chocolate are examples of acidic sweets. Marbled sirloin, chicken wings, bacon and ham are also classified as acidic. Carbonated drinks, wine, coffee and tea are considered acidic beverages.

Processed, chemical-infused and genetically modified foods are detrimental to the body’s immune system, according to Alkaline Lifestyle. A diet that is rich in acid-producing foods can cause uric acid formation. Too much consumption of acidic food can also increase the risk for cancer, liver problems and heart diseases, states Healthline. Eating more alkaline foods helps in balancing the body’s pH levels and can lower the susceptibility to diseases.

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