What Is an Acid Alkaline Foods List?


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An acid alkaline foods list classifies foods based on the effect that each food has on the body’s Ph level after it has been digested. Scientists can analyze a food's mineral content by incinerating the food to determine whether it creates an acidic or alkaline ash in the body.

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A person can use an acid alkaline food list to adjust the Ph level of his blood based upon what he eats. A diet higher in alkaline-forming foods verses acidic-forming foods is believed to promote health and prevent disease. The blood requires a slightly alkaline Ph in order to remain healthy.

Soil type can influence the mineral content of vegetables and fruits, which can cause slight variances in the Ph level of foods contained in different acid alkaline food lists. Most fruits and vegetables produce an alkalizing effect in the body. However, some foods, such as lemons, are acidic in nature, but produce and alkalizing effect once they are digested. Milk is a food that is alkaline, but is acidic once it has been digested. Acid-forming foods include most grains, dairy products and meats, as well as processed and fast foods.

If a person consumes too many acid-forming foods, his body must work hard to return the blood Ph to an alkaline state and must release alkaline-rich minerals into the bloodstream to counter an acidic blood Ph. Alkaline minerals are pulled from the organs, bones and teeth, which can lead to a compromised immune system, a feeling of fatigue and an increased risk of disease.

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