How Do You Achieve Fitness After 50?


People over the age of 50 can stay fit by eating healthy and doing workout routines that focus on balance, cardio, core and strength training at least three to four times a week. Exercising is also the best defense against degenerative back and neck problems. When working out, it is important to remain mindful of physical limitations. It's beneficial to keep a steady pace and refrain from overexertion.

Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle should be an important goal for people in their 50s. Activities that get the heart pumping and muscles moving help maintain youthful vigor. Walking and jogging are good cardio exercises, but walking is easier on the joints. A brisk 20 to 30 minute walk is enough to maintain good heart health and reduce the risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

Core training targets important muscles in the body that support the back, neck, limbs and vital organs. Core exercises include abdominal workouts and weight lifting. These exercises require numerous repetitions. It is better to start slow and gradually build up to a higher number of reps.

Balance training is essential for avoiding serious falls from loss of muscle tone. Yoga stretches are excellent for improving and maintaining balance, flexibility and mobility.