What Is Acetaminophen/codeine No. 3?


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Acetaminophen/codeine number 3 is a combination of a non-narcotic and narcotic pain reliever that is used to reduce fever, suppress a cough and relieve pain, defines WebMD. The codeine in the medicine alters how the brain responds to pain. Tylenol-Codeine #3 is the common brand name for acetaminophen/codeine number 3.

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Acetaminophen/codeine number 3 is taken orally with or without food, states WebMD. The medicine comes in pill or liquid form with the dosage determined by the medical condition and reaction to treatment. The liquid form of this medicine is taken with a medication measuring device instead of a household spoon to ensure proper dosage. Acetaminophen/codeine number 3 dosages should not be taken longer than prescribed or taken more frequently than prescribed.

Acetaminophen/codeine number 3 taken at the first indication of pain produces best results, and it is sometimes used along with long-acting narcotic medications to treat sudden pains. Prolonged use of acetaminophen/codeine number 3 may result in a decreased effectiveness of the medicine, addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal reactions such as nausea, muscle aches, watering eyes, restlessness and sweating should be reported immediately and can be avoided by gradually discontinuing this medicine. Medications such as ketoconazole, pentazocine, butorphanol and narcotic antagonists may adversely interact with Acetaminophen/codeine number 3, reports WebMD.

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