Where Do You Find Accutane Before and After Photos?


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Accutane before and after photos can be found in the Accutane Gallery on the Acne.org website. According to Acne.org, Accutane is a popular acne medication that was discovered in 1979 and has gained in popularity over the past 25 years due to its effectiveness. The site warns that users should consider the myriad of side effects before using the drug.

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The before and after photos on Acne.org show individuals who use Accutane and how their acne clears up over time. According to Acne.org, the reasons why Accutane is so effective on a cellular level are still unclear; but the drug does have an effect on all of the ways that acne develops. Acne.org explains that it reduces the size of oil glands as well as oil gland production; it reduces the amount of acne bacteria residing in the skin; it slows down the production of pore clogging skin cells; and it is anti-inflammatory. Many people who use Accutane see dramatic results, according to Acne.org. However, it is a potent drug and should only be taken when necessary.

The drug is a derivative of Vitamin A, and it is administered in pill form. Most users take the medication for a period of 15 to 20 weeks. According to Acne.org, Accutane can cause a number of potentially health damaging side effects. Common side effects include: dry skin, nosebleed, eczema, hair loss, inflammation of the gums, depression, nail abnormalities, and more.

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