How Accurate Are Clearblue Fertility Monitor Test Sticks?


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The Clearblue Fertility Monitor is 99 percent effective when used correctly, according to Clearblue. It tracks luteinizing hormone and estrogen levels to track a woman's cycle, and it can be used to determine both her peak fertility days and her lowest fertility days as well as predicting ovulation.

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In order to predict ovulation, the Clearblue Fertility Monitor needs a series of tests, as claimed by Clearblue. The woman should start the monitor on the first day of her menstrual cycle, and then it gives her prompts on the days she needs to test. For accurate results, she should make sure to use test strips from the same lot for at least the first 10 tests.

Expired test strips may not give accurate results, a noted by Clearblue. Women should also throw the test strip away after using it and never reuse them. There are two methods of collection. Dipping, which is the method Clearblue recommends, involves collecting urine in a clean container and then holding the end of the test strip in it for 15 seconds. Women can also collect urine directly from the stream, which Clearblue calls dripping.

For best results, test strips should only be opened right before use, according to Clearblue. Once the sample is collected, the woman should insert them into the fertility monitor immediately. It takes about five minutes to process the results.

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