How Do You Access Your NHS Medical Record?


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To access your NHS medical record, the National Health Service of the United Kingdom recommends calling the hospital or your general practitioner to make an informal request to see your health records. A formal application is necessary to obtain copies of medical records.

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Health records include comprehensive information about a person’s physical and mental health as recorded by a medical professional, explains the National Health Service. It is possible to view records without a formal application or a specific reason by sending an email or written request, called a Subject Access Request, to a registered health care provider.

Requests to access health records are subject to denial if the information an individual wants to see contains another person’s details, according the National Health Service. Health care professionals should respond to a Subject Access Request within 21 days as mandated by the government. The Data Protection Act 1998 requires them to process requests within 40 days.

As of 2015, the maximum charge to view medical records, whether maintained electronically or on other media, is £10, according to the National Health Service. The maximum fee to acquire copies of health records is £50. Copies of medical records are typically easy to understand and include explanations of complex terms. If the record contains difficult terms, contact the doctor holding the record for a thorough explanation.

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