How Do You Access Your Immunization Records?


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Individuals can ask if their parents or childhood caregivers have copies of their immunization records, or ask their local health department if their state has a vaccination registry, explains the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Doctors' offices, schools and previous employers may also have vaccination records on file.

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As of 2015, there is no national organization that keeps track of citizens' vaccination histories in the United States, notes the CDC. However, there are several options available to people who need copies of their immunization records for employment, school registration or travel purposes. In addition to asking parents and caregivers if they have copies stored anywhere, individuals can try searching through baby books or stacks of childhood documents if they are available. High schools and colleges may be of help if the individual has not been out of the school system for more than a few years.

In the event that someone is unable to find documentation of certain vaccinations, he can request that a physician perform a blood test to check for immunity against vaccine-preventable diseases, states the CDC. As a last resort, it is safe to receive vaccinations again. If the clinic or health department providing the repeat vaccines participates in an immunization registry, the individual can request that the vaccinations be documented within it to prevent future need of repeat immunizations.

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