How Do You Access Bridal Templates?

How Do You Access Bridal Templates?

To access bridal templates, go to the website, search for "print-at-home templates" and follow the instructions to choose and print a template. These templates can be customized as desired into stickers, seals, place cards and stationery. Darice is a wholesale craft supply company that has been in operation since 1954.

Use the following steps to access, edit and print bridal templates.

  1. Visit the website
  2. Enter into a browser to go to the website and search for "print-at-home templates." Alternatively, search for the page in a search engine such as

  3. Save the Printing Tips file
  4. Right click on the Printing Tips icon and select Save As to save the file on a computer.

  5. Save the template file
  6. View the list of available templates. Right click on the icon for the desired template and choose Save As to save it to a computer. Repeat this step for all templates of interest.

  7. Read the Printing Tips file
  8. Open and read the Printing Tips file to learn more about the templates and how they can be edited and printed.

  9. Edit and print the template
  10. Open a template file, edit it as desired and print it according to the instructions. Repeat for each saved template.