What Are Acceptable Blood Sugar Numbers?


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Acceptable blood sugar numbers depend upon a person's age and health. Fasting blood glucose results between 70 and 100 milligrams per deciliter are considered normal, according to MedlinePlus. People with diabetes who are under 60 years old should keep their levels between 80 and 120, states Mayo Clinic.

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What Are Acceptable Blood Sugar Numbers?
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Satisfactory blood sugar levels for people 60 and older range from 100 to 140 milligrams per deciliter, Mayo Clinic reports. Those levels are also the goal of a person with both diabetes and another medical problem, such as heart, lung or kidney disease. Doctors set specific target ranges for their patients. These are based on a number of factors, including type of diabetes, length of time the patient has had the disease, its severity, and patient age and general health.

People who have Type 1 diabetes typically test their sugar levels four to eight times daily, Mayo Clinic says. Patients who take insulin to control Type 2 diabetes check levels at least twice a day.

In addition, blood sugar tests are run for a number of other reasons. People who show symptoms of diabetes, such as increased urination, blurred vision, fainting, confusion or seizures, are tested, advises MedlinePlus. Anyone over 45 years old needs a screening every three years. Patients are assessed at an earlier age if they have risk factors, including obesity, high blood pressure or cholesterol level, and family history of diabetes. In addition, certain ethnic groups, including African-American, Hispanic American, Native American, Asian-American and Pacific Islander, have an increased likelihood of developing the disease.

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