How Is an Abscessed Tooth Treated?


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Draining the abscess is often the first step of treatment, using root canal therapy, as stated by WebMD. Next comes root surgery to clean out any diseased tissue before a crown is put into place. Extraction of the tooth permits drainage, although incision into swollen gums permits that too.

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After the abscess has drained, the dentist prescribes antibiotics to combat the infection. The dentist also is likely to suggest rinsing the area with warm salt water to help the patient manage discomfort that comes from an abscess. To manage pain, over-the-counter solutions such as ibuprofen are permitted, according to WebMD.

An abscess is an infection that sets in between a tooth and the gum or at the root of a tooth. The most frequent cause is intense tooth decay, although tooth trauma, gum disease and gingivitis also cause it. These issues cause gaps in the tooth enamel, permitting bacteria to get to the pulp and start an infection. Fever, painful chewing, sensitivity to cold or heat in the teeth, and a foul smell to the breath are all symptoms of an abscess. Swelling in the neck glands, swollen and red gums, and the presence of an open, running sore on the gum are warning signs of an abscessed tooth as well, reports WebMD.

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