What Is the Best Abs Machine on the Market?


Although there is no general consensus as to which abs machine on the market is considered the best, AskMen has found a handful of contenders. Machines that work great on the abs include: the Super Abs-7", AbEx exerciser, SB 550 Bench and conventional exercise wheel.

The piece of workout equipment, that ultimately suits a person best, depends on a variety of factors. They include: the amount of space available for exercise, the current strength of the abdominal region, the shopper's budget and price range, and the end-goal or training objectives. Different quality machines are more effective at slimming, toning and strengthening. According to AskMen, SB 550 Bench is very bulky, and relatively expensive, but it offers comprehensive workouts. To the contrary, a conventional exercise wheel is inexpensive, but it only offers a limited number of workouts and therefore benefits.