What Are Abnormal EEG Waves?


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Abnormal EEG waves indicate a problem in the electrical activity of the brain, according to Healthgrades. EEG waves during a seizure show a sudden change in brain activity, while a general abnormality in the size or shape of the waves indicate other neurological disorders.

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An EEG, or electroencephalogram, is used to diagnose epilepsy as well as other brain conditions, including head injuries, strokes and brain tumors, notes Mayo Clinic. EEG results may pinpoint an abnormality in a particular area of the brain, according to WebMD. If the chemical balance of the body is affected by an infection, a metabolic disorder or drug intoxication, EEG waves throughout the brain may be abnormal. A "flat"' EEG, showing no electrical activity, is seen in coma and sometimes in medically induced sedation.

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