What Is an Abdominal Tumor?


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An abdominal tumor is an abnormal tissue growth occurring in the abdomen, according to HealthGrades.com. Abdominal masses generally fall into two separate categories: benign or malignant. Malignant tumors consist of cancerous cells and can be fatal in some cases, whereas benign tumors consist of normal cells and are much less dangerous. Abdominal masses are often found by a patient's physician during a routine physical examination.

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A wide range of disorders can cause an abdominal tumor or mass, according to the National Institutes of Health. For example, colon cancer can create an abdominal tumor in almost any area of the abdomen. Diverticulitis, a disease of the intestinal lining, is also a cause of some masses. Another common source of abdominal tumors is Crohn's disease, which is an inflammation of parts of the digestive tract. Stomach cancer, kidney cancer and liver cancer can all generate abdominal tumors as well.

The best treatment for an abdominal tumor varies depending on the type of mass involved. Doctors may recommend surgery, medication or specialized care, depending on a patient's specific circumstances, according to Healthline.com. In some instances, a combination of treatments might be advisable. For example, a doctor may give a patient medication to shrink a tumor before removing it during surgery.

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