How Do You Find AA Meetings in New Jersey?

To find a list of local meetings in New Jersey, contact the appropriate Alcoholics Anonymous intergroup. There are several intergroups that handle different areas of New Jersey, and you can find their contact information on the international Alcoholics Anonymous website.

The individual intergroup websites often list meeting information online, and you can search for meetings in specific towns or by ZIP code. If you cannot locate a meeting online, call the intergroup directly. There are print booklets available, which they can ship to you for a small fee. If you can find an AA meeting, you can usually pick up a meeting directory there, as well.

If you are having trouble locating local meetings through AA, try looking for a city or county drug and alcohol commission. You may be able to find it under government listings in the phone book or by looking at your local government's website. These commissions usually have lists of resources to help people find treatment, including AA meetings.

Once you have a list of meetings, take some time to read through the options to find a potential fit. Not all meetings are the same, with some open to only people of a specific gender or sexual orientation. Some are more geared toward discussion, while others work on book studies or have individual speakers. Go to a variety of meetings to try them out, since they can vary widely and it can take some time to find a good fit.