What Is the 7-Day No-Carb Diet Meal Plan?

What Is the 7-Day No-Carb Diet Meal Plan?

A no-carbohydrate diet meal plan excludes the consumption of all foods containing carbohydrates and should not be a long-term diet plan, notes MDhealth.com. Foods that can be part of a no-carb diet meal plan include meat, fish, some dairy products, eggs, condiments and certain leafy greens and fruits. The following meal plan examples can be integrated into a no-carb diet and additional meal plans can be found online from websites like everydaydiet.org and Health magazine.

An example of a carb-free breakfast would include two eggs as an omelet, scrambled or poached with two ounces of protein, such as cheese, sausage or turkey ham. Add plain yogurt with black coffee or tea.

Lunches may include a bun-free grilled hamburger or chicken breast with lettuce, tomato and carrots, cottage cheese and fruit with an apple flax muffin, tofu soup with mushrooms, uncooked asparagus and seasoning or a salad with chicken and vinaigrette.

The dinner menu consists of a protein and a vegetable. Examples include a small steak with a lettuce, carrot and tomato salad, a stir-fry with meat and a fresh spinach salad dressed with lemon juice or a grilled salmon with asparagus and half of a cantaloupe.

Before starting a carbohydrate-free diet, consult a health care provider advises MDhealth.