What Is 500 Mg of Slo-Niacin Used For?


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Slo-Niacin at a 500 mg dose is used to treat and prevent niacin deficiency, states WebMD. A health care professional may also prescribe Slo-Niacin for high cholesterol after failure of other cholesterol treatments, according to Drugs.com.

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Causes of niacin deficiency include poor diet, malabsorption, alcohol abuse and certain medications, states WebMD. Symptoms of niacin deficiency include diarrhea, confusion, redness of the tongue, and red, peeling skin. Niacin is part of the B-complex vitamin B-3. When an individual has a vitamin deficiency, the body does not have the ability to metabolize certain vitamins.

Slo-Niacin should be taken orally with a low-fat meal, and it is typically taken one to three times a day, states WebMD. Patients should follow the directions given by a health care professional and on the product package. Slo-Niacin comes in both extended-released and immediate-release capsules. Never chew or crush an extended-release capsule as it may release the drug all at once, causing side effects. Niacin should not be stopped unless directed by a health care professional. If an individual experiences side effects, he should seek medical attention. Some side effects that are less common include loss of appetite, dark urine, light gray stools, severe stomach pain, and yellow eyes or skin.

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