What Does a 5 Mg Bisacodyl Tablet Treat?

What Does a 5 Mg Bisacodyl Tablet Treat?

A 5 milligram bisacodyl tablet is for the treatment of constipation. Bisacodyl is the generic name of a stimulant laxative that is sold under the brands of Correctol and Dulcolax. This is a nonprescription medication that comes in 5 milligram tablets, which are enteric-coated, states MedicineNet.

Bisacodyl also comes as a suppository and in enema form. Although the main use of this product is for the relief of constipation, it also may be used before a bowel procedure to clear out the colon, explains Drugs.com. However, patients should follow their doctor's advise on dosing instructions.

To use this laxative, people should follow the dosing instructions given on the package. For example, the tablet should not be chewed or crushed before taking it. Doing so can affect the coating on the tablet, which can lead to stomach problems.

There are certain contraindications associated with this medication, such as this product should not be used if a person is vomiting or feeling nauseous. Similarly, this laxative is not meant for long-term use. Some other warnings are that people should avoid this laxative if they are dehydrated or are suffering from severe constipation.

Some side effects of taking bisacodyl are urination problems, feeling drowsy, stomach cramps, nausea and a rash. Some serious side effects are rectal bleeding, breathing problems and an irregular heart rate, states Drugs.com.