What Does a 3 Month Pregnant Woman Look Like?

3-month-pregnant-woman-look-like Credit: Studio Forza/N/A/Getty Images

A woman who is 3 months into her pregnancy may have a slightly larger abdomen as well as a healthy glow to her skin. The breasts also tend to swell and become more tender to the touch.

Women commonly experience some constipation from their pregnancy that can cause them to appear more bloated. This may be cured by eating more fiber and water. The "baby bump" has not yet formed because the baby, while it has fully formed into the shape of a baby, is still extremely small, at around 2.5 centimeters long.

Pregnant women at this stage in their pregnancy may have oilier skin because of the hormones in their bodies responding to changes caused by the pregnancy. Because of this, women might have more acne on their face. They may also have a noticeable glow or softness to their skin because of the hormones. These hormones can also cause a condition called melasma, which gives a woman's face a darker tone.

A woman may also have areas on her body that darken during pregnancy. This commonly happens on the nipples and a stripe of skin below the belly button, referred to as the linea nigra. The moles on her body may also seem darker. While these moles and darker areas of the body may clear moving past the third month of the pregnancy, they sometimes remain throughout the pregnancy.