Does the 3-Day Military Diet Actually Work?


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While dieters are likely to lose weight on the 3-Day Military Diet, the diet is difficult to maintain. This means most dieters regain the weight they've lost. Although the diet plan states there are three days of dieting followed by four days off, calories are still restricted on off days.

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Does the 3-Day Military Diet Actually Work?
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The 3-Day Military Diet claims to be a natural diet. However, foods with artificial ingredients, such as hot dogs, are included in the diet plan. The diet has three meals per day, with small portion sizes for a total of about 870 calories.

The small portion sizes make this diet difficult for most people to follow consistently. For example, lunch on day one of the diet is a piece of toast with nothing on it and 1/2 cup of tuna. Coffee, tea or water are allowed as beverages.

High-calorie foods are included in small amounts for certain meals. Dinner on day two includes hot dogs, and vanilla ice cream is included with dinner every day. Avoiding excessive calories when eating these foods is difficult, since portion sizes need to be kept very small.

The 3-Day Military Diet doesn't recommend or exclude exercise. However, dieters are unlikely to have enough energy for strenuous exercise due to the low calories.

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