What Is the 3 Day Diet?


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The 3 Day Diet is a program that claims to help people lose 10 pounds in three days by following a specific meal plan. Those on the program follow the diet for three days and then return to a normal eating routine for the next four days. After this four-day stretch, the diet can be done again for three more days.

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The 3 Day Diet claims to be chemically and enzyme balanced and is designed for those who want to lose a large amount of weight in a short amount of time. The program consists of a three-day detailed meal plan that the user must follow exactly. The foods in this meal plan are specifically combined to aid in the weight loss process, and any deviation could interfere with the results.

The meals outlined in the 3 Day Diet consist of basic foods that dieters most likely already have in their kitchens. For example, breakfast on the first day consists of half of a grapefruit, a piece of toast with a tablespoon of peanut butter, and black coffee or water. Other foods used on the diet include crackers, cottage cheese, tuna and vanilla ice cream.

As of 2015, the 3 Day Diet is available as a free download at 3daydiets.net. In addition to the diet itself, the 3 Day Diet website provides recipes intended to help those on the diet to not overeat during the four-day stretches of regular eating. The company claims the 3 Day Diet can be safely performed every three days after each four-day normal eating stretch until the dieter reaches his goal weight.

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