What Is a 28-Day Diet Menu?


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Multiple 28-day diet menu plans are available on EatingWell.com and PerriconeMD.com as of 2016. The Eating Well menu provides options to help people lose weight on 1200, 1500 or 1800 calories per day based on their weight loss goals and calorie needs. The Perricone MD menu provides exercise instructions for each day in addition to a list of foods to eat.

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Food and nutrition experts put together Eating Well's 28-day diet menus. Dieters who are unaware of their caloric requirements can click on the Find the Right Calorie Level for You link in the paragraph above the actual menu. To use the calorie calculator, users enter their current weight and select whether they desire to lose 1 or 2 pounds per week or if their goal is to maintain their weight. The results provide an indication of whether they should follow the 1200-, 1500- or 1800-calorie plan to reach their goals.

Eating Well's menu features a drop-down menu for selecting diet menus for days one through 28. The menus consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. The 1500-calorie menu for day one, for instance, includes a breakfast of dried fruit, green tea, skim milk and whole-wheat toast with apricot jam. Lunch consists of zucchini soup, pita bread and a peach, and dinner features tilapia, brown rice, broccoli and strawberry-raspberry sundaes. For a snack, the menu prescribes a rice cake with cottage cheese veggie dip.

Perricone MD's diet menu is viewable on the website and is also downloadable in PDF format. Each day's menu includes an exercise to perform as well as foods to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack.

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