What Is the 21-Day Diet?


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The 21-Day Diet encompasses several diet plans based on anti-inflammatory foods and portion control. This diet style is intended to help users flatten their stomachs and lose a small amount of excess weight in 21 days.

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What Is the 21-Day Diet?
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The Reader's Digest 21-Day Tummy Diet is a meal plan divided into three phases, each lasting approximately one week. The first phase lasts five days and is based on a lowered calorie intake and meals that are free from grains and low in carbohydrates. The second phase lasts nine days and incorporates more calories and carbohydrates. The foods in this phase are high in fiber and have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce fat and water retention and increase metabolism. The third phase emphasizes high-fiber foods as well as lean proteins and good fats. In the third phase, dieters are allowed a small amount of sweets.

The 21-Day Fix is a Beachbody diet program that helps users trim their midsections by focusing on healthy foods, portion control and exercise. This program comes with a meal plan incorporating specifically sized and color-coded containers. The dieter creates meals by using the containers to measure exact portions for each food group. This program also comes with instructional work-out DVDs.

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