Is the 21-Day Daniel Fast Food List Hard to Follow?

Because most diets consist of fatty foods that are high in calories and contain animal products, it is hard for a lot of people to follow the food list on the Daniel Fast. Consuming these foods is addicting, both psychologically and physically, and this aims to help ease that addiction.

Foods permitted on the Daniel Fast include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and quality oils. Some foods not permitted on the Daniel fast include anything deep fried, dairy products, all meat products, sweeteners and processed foods, making the fast completely vegan. People on the fast must also avoid leavened bread.

In addition to consuming no chemically altered or processed foods on the diet, people who partake in the Daniel Fast can only drink water. This includes fasting from alcohol, coffee, tea, soft drinks and anything with any additional products or sweeteners added.

The Daniel Fast is based on the character from the Bible who went on a fast in two separate passages. In one of the passages, Daniel talks about only eating fruit and vegetables, while the other passage talks about not eating any "pleasant" foods for three weeks for a period of mourning. The point of completing the fast is not to lose weight, but to become a more fulfilled spiritual being and create a closer relationship with God.