What Is the 20/20 Weight Loss Program?


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The 20/20 weight loss program is a diet designed by Dr. Phil McGraw. The plan consists of eating from a specified 20/20 key food list, which the diet claims helps the body burn naturally burn more calories and keeps dieters feeling full longer.

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For the first five days in phase one, known as the Boost Phase, the plan limits dieters to foods from the 20/20 list. The theory is that this stage of the diet boosts energy and reduces food cravings for fatty, sugary and caloric foods. For phase two, dieters can add a few new foods to their meals. The third phase is the maintenance stage, which allows even more variety.

The plan lets dieters eat four meals per day. Each meal should contain protein, vegetables and fruits, fat, and carbs. It also allows for one or two planned splurges per week. It encourages dieters to rate their hunger on a scale of one to 10 on a regular basis. It recommends people eat because they are truly hungry, not because they are bored, depressed or anxious.

The diet does not include processed foods, non-whole grains, sugar, artificial sweeteners or red meat. Other excluded foods include full-fat dairy and alcohol, except for the planned splurges. Dieters must also get regular exercise. McGraw outlines the entire diet in his book, "The 20/20 Diet: 20 Key Foods to Help You Succeed Where Other Diets Fail."

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