What Is 17-Halo-Methyl-Dianadrone?


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Commonly referred to as 17-HD, 17-halo-methyl-dianadrone, is a dietary supplement synthesized by Vyotech Nutritionals. It is one of the core ingredients that comprise 17-HD. It is labeled as a testosterone booster, but it is mainly used by athletes and weight lifters to aid in muscle growth.

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Available in capsule form, 17-HD is manufactured by a multi-fraction extraction process. The multi-fraction extraction enables key ingredients to be extracted from its source in the purest form possible. The active ingredient is a natural anabolic compound, which promotes muscle growth and development. This supplement does not help burn fat or curb appetite and is only suitable for weight lifters trying to gain lean mass but not lose excess body fat. It is not a steroid and is legally sold in United States. However, it has not been approved by FDA and is no longer sold on the Vyotech website.

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