What Are Some of the 12 Steps Utilized in Al-Anon?


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Some of the 12 steps utilized in Al-Anon, which are actually very similar to those of Alcoholic's Anonymous, include admitting to being powerless over alcohol, making a fearless moral inventory of oneself, humbly asking God to remove one's shortcomings, and making direct amends with others when possible, according to the Al-Anon website. Additional steps include believing a power greater than oneself can restore sanity, turning one's life over to God and making a list of people one has harmed.

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Al-Anon is a mutual support group for people who have experienced problems or issues with another person's drinking, explains Al-Anon. Every person at an Al-Anon meeting is considered equal, and no one is in a position of authority to give advice or direction to others. Each person has the opportunity to share personal experiences with other members, although it is fine to listen if individuals do not wish to speak. Although God is mentioned in the 12 steps of Al-Anon, the program is considered nonreligious, and individual religious beliefs are not a subject for discussion at Al-Anon meetings.

Typically, an Al-Anon meeting begins with reading the 12 steps, states the Al-Anon website. Al-Anon meetings are confidential and anonymous. Meetings are not all the same and may be conducted by members in various ways, as long as the meetings fall within certain guidelines.

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