What Is 12-Percent Ammonium Lactate Lotion?


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The 12-percent ammonium lactate lotion is a topical treatment for ichthyosis vulgaris, xerosis and other conditions that cause dryness and scaliness of the skin, according to WebMD. The lotion increases moisture in the skin and treats itchiness caused by the skin condition.

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A common brand name for 12-percent ammonium lactate lotion is Lac-Hydrin, states WebMD. Amlactin, Kerasal AL and Laclotion are other brand names for ammonium lactate lotion, as listed by Everyday Health.

The ammonium lactate lotion should be applied and rubbed thoroughly into the affected skin twice a day, advises MedicineNet. The lotion may cause a stinging or burning sensation when applied to skin with abrasions or fissures, warns DailyMed. Skin treated with ammonium lactate lotion should be protected from exposure to natural or artificial sunlight.

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