Is the 12-Day Grapefruit Diet Healthy?


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The 12-day grapefruit diet is considered to be unhealthy, according to Healthline. The continuous intake of fresh grapefruit and grapefruit juice may trigger dangerous drug interactions. The weight loss acquired from the diet is also short-term and can be quickly regained.

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Is the 12-Day Grapefruit Diet Healthy?
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The 12-day grapefruit diet involves a nutritional regimen of incorporating grapefruit in every meal, which guarantees rapid weight loss by as much as 10 pounds. Proponents of the diet attribute the trimming effect to fat-burning enzymes supposedly found in grapefruit. However, there is no sufficient scientific evidence to support this claim, states WebMD. The weight loss is more likely due to the low daily caloric intake.

Individuals who are taking cholesterol-lowering medications, such as statins, are at risk of hepatic and renal diseases if they undergo the grapefruit diet. Drinking grapefruit juice can elevate statin levels in the bloodstream, which is potentially harmful.

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