How Do You Do 100 Push-Ups in 6 Months?

How Do You Do 100 Push-Ups in 6 Months?

To do 100 push-ups in six months, you need to complete a push-up workout three times a week. Begin with just a few counter push-ups at first, then gradually increase the number and difficulty level until you are doing 100 full push-ups during each workout.

  1. Begin with sets of counter push-ups

    The first phase of your push-up routine should begin with counter push-ups three times a week until you can complete 20 counter push-ups at a time for five sets and a total of 100 counter push-ups during each workout.

  2. Move up to doing knee push-ups

    For the next phase, follow the same routine, but with knee push-ups instead of counter ones until you can complete 100 knee push-ups in five sets of 20 during each workout.

  3. Transition to full push-ups

    Once you can do 100 knee push-ups during each workout, begin replacing some of the knee push-ups with as many full push-ups as you can do during each of the five sets of 20 during your workout routine. Start each set with full push-ups until you can’t do any more, then finish the set with knee push-ups.

  4. Build up to 100 complete push-ups

    Gradually increase the number of full push-ups you are doing while decreasing the number of knee push-ups until all five sets of 20 are full push-ups.