What Are 10 Ways to Help Stop Bullying?


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Avoidance is the best way to stop bullying. Parents need to make their children understand that avoiding a bully is not a sign of weakness and does not mean that the problem is being ignored, indicates the Global Post.

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Making friends also helps to prevent bullies, because bullies commonly target lone children. Parents should encourage their children to surround themselves with peers who are well-mannered to deter bullies. Parents should also ask for closer supervision of the child from teachers and other adults who interact with the child away from school, adds the Global Post.

Improving communication skills also helps to help prevent bullying. Better communication helps children connect with their peers and fosters better understanding. Children and parents should not hesitate to speak out against bullying. Failure to condemn the vice validates and encourages the bullies' actions. Children should also refuse to be part of bullying-related activities, suggests Jossey-Bass Education. Additionally, those in positions of authority should use their influence to campaign for a positive change in policies and practices aimed at curbing the vice.

Keeping calm also helps to prevent bullying. Bullies look for a particular reaction from their victims, and denying them this satisfaction can be a deterrence in the future. If things get out of hand, NoBullying.com recommends professional help for the bully to effect a change in their behavior. Specialized training for victims also helps to equip them with the skills required to de-escalate bullying scenarios.

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