What Are 10 of the Best Pick-up Lines?


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Based on data from popular websites, the best pick-up lines include asking if the empty seat is taken, asking if the man/woman would like to dance, offering to buy the person a beverage, asking if the man/woman comes “here” often, and complimenting the man/woman’s fragrance and/or clothing. Another good line includes asking if the person is interested in talking about a particular topic.

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The point of the pick-up line is to open a conversation; it is essentially an ice breaker for two strangers. The idea is to initiate interest from the other person. Some of the more successful pick-up lines are creative and unique. The author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Dating" suggests using the present situation as an advantage; if the weather is chilly, offering a jacket is both courteous and creates an opportunity to talk.

Humor is also important when attempting to open a line of communication. Many of the cheesier pick-up lines, such as "Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?" may still work, but it all depends on the person's mood. It is also important that the woman/man not feel pressured or stressed. The dating guide does not encourage repeated tries at starting a conversation if the person does not express initial interest in talking.

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