Will Zurvita Scam You Out of Your Money?

Will Zurvita Scam You Out of Your Money?

Zurvita appears to be a legitimate business opportunity rather than a scam, according to Dennis Goff, a professional home business consultant. He notes that the company is founded on a firm religious and ethical philosophy, a simple compensation plan and a strong management team with a successful track record.

Zurvita produces the Zeal for Life line of nutritional supplements with high fiber, amino acid and antioxidant content. Its products are comprised of whole food ingredients with no artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives. The Zurvita website claims its supplements can improve immune system function, energy and weight maintenance efforts.

While Goff's assessment of Zurvita products is positive, he advises that potential sales representatives test the product themselves before signing on with Zurvita. In order to sell a product successfully, independent consultants should have passion for the product.

The Zurvita management team includes specialists who train new independent consultants in order to prepare them for a successful home-based career. Zurvita places a heavy emphasis on home party style sales, Goff observes.

The Zurvita website describes its philosophy as follows: to provide opportunities for success at every level of employment, to promote humble leadership and to create a company that glorifies God. The nonreligious company Life Shotz is an alternative employment option that produces similarly high-quality and nutritious products using a science-based approach, Goff recommends.