What are some ZIP codes in the United States?


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As all ZIP codes in the United States have five digits, U.S. ZIP codes range from 00000 to 99999. One example of a notable ZIP code is 20505 for the Washington, DC CIA office, which due to high mailing volume, is uniquely used for that one address.

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What are some ZIP codes in the United States?
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Other notable ZIP codes include 89109, a Las Vegas area associated with the largest amount of politician contributions in 2013, and 10001, a New York area with the densest concentration of businesses according to NPR.org. Others include 90210, a code for a wealthy area of Beverly Hills associated with the TV series of the same name, and 89049 in Tonopah, Nevada, which covers the largest land area of any code. The most populated zip code in America is 79936 for the El Paso,Texas area, followed by Chicago's 60629.

ZIP codes help streamline letter and parcel delivery by allowing shipments to be filtered into increasingly specific bins, according to UnitedStatesZIPCodes.org. The first digit represents a group of states, with the second and third digits identifying a specific processing facility within that region. The last two digits help to identify a particular postal area based on which postal office is identified for final delivery. In some cases, such as naval addresses, ZIP codes have no relation to a geographical area.

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