How Do You Find ZIP Codes by Street Number?


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Find ZIP codes by entering the street address on the United States Postal Service website or at several ZIP code map sites, including UnitedStatesZIPCodes.org, MapsOfTheWorld.com and ZIP-Codes.com. Conversely, find ZIP codes by entering the street address on the USPS licensed Melissa database website.

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USPS.com allows users to search by specific street numbers in a particular city and state or to find all of the ZIP codes in a selected metropolitan area. You need to enter information for the specific street address and the city and state in which it is located to generate a ZIP code response.

UnitedStatesZIPCode.org lets searchers inquire by street address, city or county. MapsOfTheWorld.com requires the same information but allows users to also enter specific borough information for larger metropolitan areas, as well as purchase desired ZIP code maps.

ZIP-codes.com's required search criteria are similar to the other websites, but it also delivers many statistics on the ZIP code's demographics. Demographic information includes inhabitants sex, cultural identity, median age and median age by sex. Also, household information regarding total numbers, size, families and housing units is available.

Melissa is typically used by marketing, sales and shipping companies to ensure proper delivery addresses for businesses, residential, parcel delivery and direct mail applications.

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