What Are the ZIP Codes of Illinois?


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The ZIP codes in Illinois range from 60001 to 62999. Three-digit ZIP code prefixes are assigned to every state in the United States, and the prefixes assigned to Illinois span from 601 to 629.

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What Are the ZIP Codes of Illinois?
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The ZIP code system was introduced by the United States Postal Service to efficiently locate destinations for mail. The Sectional Center Facility is a processing and development center for the USPS. The three-digit prefixes assigned to Illinois by the SCF include Palatine (600, 602, 610-611), Carol Stream (601, 603), South Suburban (604), Fox Valley (605) and Chicago (606-608).

Some other three-digit prefixes in Illinois include Champaign (609, 617-619, 624), Quad Cities (612), Peoria (613-616) and Springfield (623, 625-627). The prefixes 620, 622, 628 and 629 are served by SCF in St. Louis, Missouri. The ZIP code prefix 621 is not in use in Illinois. The three-digit prefix denotes the sectional area or large city, whereas the two digits that follow them denote the post office facility or delivery area.

The ZIP+4 code was introduced by the USPS in 1983 to further narrow the delivery area to a more specific location. The syntax for a ZIP+4 code is [12345]-[6789], where the added +4 code is denoted by a hyphen.

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