What Are Some Facts About Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan?


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Yokosuka Naval Base is the largest overseas U.S. Naval installation in the world. It was acquired on Aug. 30, 1945, from Japan, and it is now one of the most strategically important U.S. military bases.

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The United States acquired Yokosuka Naval Base near the end of World War II when Vice Admiral Totsuka of Japan surrendered his command to the Allies. The U.S. Marines of the Sixth Marine Division, British Marines and U.S. Naval personnel occupied the base, dismantled Japan's war equipment and converted former storage facilities into schools and churches for the Japanese people.

Yokosuka City is located 43 miles southwest of Japan's capital city, Tokyo. It is on the Miura peninsula in the Kanto Plain region of Japan's main island, Honshu. The naval base occupies 579 acres and hosts 13 afloat commands and upwards of 50 other shore commands and tenant activities. It is the home of the U.S. Navy's Seventh Fleet and the winner of the 2009 Commander in Chief's Annual Award for Installation Excellence.

The naval base is home to 25,000 people, and 423,576 civilians live in Yokosuka, Japan. Military family housing in the Yokosuka, Ikego Hills and Negishi Heights areas includes 2,935 houses and apartments. The cost of living in Japan is high, and living spaces for military personnel and their families tend to be small.

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