How Do You Write a Sworn Statement?

To write a sworn statement, also known as an affidavit, start with the title and a paragraph giving the names of the parties, their relationships and other personal information. Write a sentence affirming the information, outline the events, and reference any supporting documents. Then add an oath sentence and create signature blocks.

  1. Create a title

    Start the sworn statement with a title. Include any case information, taken from other case documents, directly underneath the title.

  2. Write the introductory paragraph

    Give the details of the parties involved in the case. Include their names, immigration status, relationships to one other, addresses and other pertinent information.

  3. Write a stand-alone sentence

    Write one sentence affirming that the information contained in the sworn statement is true. Use the first person ("I") for this sentence.

  4. Create an outline

    Outline the events that occurred in paragraph form. Number each paragraph. Review the details, and remove anything that isn’t pertinent to the case.

  5. Reference supporting documents

    List the supporting documents. Add a heading for this section called “Exhibits.”

  6. Write the oath statement

    Write a sentence stating that the information contained within the sworn statement is true and that the person giving the statement took an oath.

  7. Create signature blocks

    Create spaces at the bottom of the document for the signatures of the person giving the statement and the notary who is bearing witness to the signature.