How Do You Write a Successful Compliance Letter?


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Writing a successful compliance letter is best done when the writer has a mindset of not being defensive, but rather accommodating to the receiver of the letter, according to PT Compliance Group. It also helps to show as much transparency as possible and to demonstrate an eagerness to cooperate.

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If a complaint notification letter is received from an agency, think of it as more of a warning instead of a direct accusation or evidence of wrongdoing, explains PT Compliance Group. The agency writing the letter wants more information on a situation to determine if the person or entity being questioned fully understands what is expected and needed.

Often, it is possible to contact the person or agency that has expressed concern before writing the compliance letter. It is acceptable to contact the agency and explain that its letter or general concerns have been received and acknowledged. Next, ask how it would like to be responded to, such as by mail, email or fax, and ask if there is anything else that can be done to satisfy its needs, states PT Compliance Group. One purpose of a compliance letter is to demonstrate how in control someone is of a specific situation, so it is best to demonstrate a sense of soundness and objectivity.

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