How Do You Write a Settlement Letter?


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Writing an insurance settlement letter involves establishing any injuries sustained, why another individual is responsible for those injuries, the nature and cost of any medical treatment, and specific figures of any lost income, according to Nolo. If the situation applies, the settlement letter writer should explain why he is qualified to make a claim against another person who is under no-fault automobile insurance.

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Among the factors a settlement letter should include is establishment of liability in clear and precise language, Nolo outlines. If possible, the letter should mention any outside support for liability arguments, including police reports or witness statements, making it completely clear that personal negligence did not factor into what happened. This applies even if there is the possibility of individual negligence, as the insurance company makes the necessary arguments. Without being overly dramatic, the letter should describe the pain and trauma endured as part of the recovery process, using specific medical terminology for injuries whenever possible. The letter should demonstrate in specific detail how the figures for lost income were calculated.

A final section includes the specific monetary value of the settlement demand, Nolo advises. The amount requested should be more than the letter writer wants, anywhere between 75 to 100 percent of the amount for which he would be willing to settle.

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