How Do You Write a Separation Letter to a Spouse?


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Depending on the state of residence, an official spousal separation letter requires legal counsel, according to Find Law. It is generally possible to draw up a separation letter alone in short-term marriages without children. Some couples draw up their own letter and have a lawyer ratify it.

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The first segment of a separation letter determines the involved parties, including any potential legal counselors. This segment also includes a section on preliminary matters, which discusses the beginning of the marriage, financial transparency, legal rights and the finality of the document itself, according to Find Law.

The next section details the family members involved in the separation, including all children. It is necessary to include the full name, date of birth and Social Security number for each child. Within this portion, the document details the custody of each child, including potential visitation rights of the mother or father, states Find Law.

The next three portions detail financial assets, according to Find Law. The first of these is if child support is awarded, who receives it and what value is assigned. The second details spousal support or alimony. The final section regards the homestead: who owns the home and who is to live in the home. Finally, the document details other fine points such as insurance, debts and personal property.

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