How Do You Write a Restraining Order?

Several key elements are included in a restraining order, such as a summary paragraph detailing why the restraint is needed; a paragraph summarizing the abuser's criminal record; and a paragraph with the most recent and worst incident against the abused, according to the Women's Justice Center. Restraining orders should be specific.

Write a restraining order to fit the individual's needs and circumstances, recommends the Women's Justice Center. A paragraph about the overall history of abuse may need to be stressed if the abuse has been going on for a long period of time. Write about the fear felt by the abused and concerns about what might happen to children or anyone else in the relationship. Any violations of the restraining order should be immediately reported. Restraining orders are put in place for protection.

When writing a restraining order, keep the text short and focused on the violence or threats of violence, notes the Women's Justice Center. Use phrases such as "among other things" or "among other injuries" to transition from statement-to-statement and to indicate there is more that has been left out of the statement. A restraining order is an official sworn document and can be used in future court proceedings.