How Do You Write a Prenuptial Agreement?


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To write a prenuptial agreement, contact an attorney who specializes in prenuptial agreements to draw up a contract stating how assets should be distributed in the event of a divorce. Partners should discuss the prenuptial agreement and be open about financial matters, advises Bankrate.com.

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Prenuptial agreements are not just for the rich, states Bankrate.com. Prenuptial agreements are appropriate for anyone with assets. A prenuptial agreement may be needed if an individual owns a home, business, stock or retirement account; if he has children from a previous marriage or elderly parents that need his care. Prenuptial agreements are also essential if one partner is much wealthier, if an inheritance is pending, if one partner supports the other through college, or if incomes could change drastically.

Partners should sit down at least one month before the wedding to disclose assets and agree on terms, recommends Bankrate.com. After the partners have agreed on who gets what in case of divorce, contact a matrimonial lawyer with experience in prenuptial agreements to draw up the contract. Three copies of the contract should be printed for original signatures; one copy for each of the partners and one to be kept by a lawyer in a safe deposit box. Plan to review the prenuptial agreement every few years, and make modifications if necessary.

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