How Do You Write a Letter of Invitation for Someone to Visit the United States?

To write a letter of invitation for someone to visit the United States, include information about the purpose and length of the visit, where the visitor plans to stay, and the extent of financial support you intend to provide, instructs AllLaw. State your and the visitor's full name and address.

Write in a personal tone, and be concise and specific as possible, recommends AllLaw. State if you plan to cover the visitor's transportation, meals and other expenses while staying in the United States. Specify any housing or hotel arrangements during the visit. Write about your planned destinations and activities as well. After completing the letter, send it to your friend or relative, who must present the letter to the U.S. consulate when submitting an application for a U.S. visitor visa.

While not a requirement, a letter of invitation can help speed the process of obtaining a U.S. tourist visa for a friend or relative who wants to visit the United States as a tourist, notes AllLaw. The purpose of writing the letter is to convince the US. consular officer handling the visa application that the visitor has a set plan and does not intend to overstay. It also proves the visitor has a place to stay and does not require any work to support himself financially during the visit.