How Do I Write a Letter to Charles Manson?

To contact Charles Manson by mail, address the envelope to Charles Manson, B-33920, 4A4R51, P.O. Box 3476, Corcoran, CA 93212-3476. All correspondence will be subject to review, because Manson is currently serving a life sentence in Corcoran prison.

  1. Write your letter

    When writing your letter to Charles Manson, bear in mind that prison officials will review it before delivering it to him. Refrain from making threats or sexual references, as either could prevent your letter from being delivered as well as potentially causing you to have legal issues with the State of California.

  2. Address the envelope

    Use a white, legal size envelope and ensure it is addressed correctly and has sufficient postage. The mailing address for Manson, as of November 2014, is: Charles Manson B-33920 4A4R51 PO Box 3476 Corcoran, CA 93212

  3. Mail your letter

    Place the letter in your mailbox or take the letter to the nearest post office. Since the letter is going to a prison, you will not receive confirmation that the letter reached the addressee. Therefore, paying for delivery confirmation is not recommended.

  4. Wait for a response

    Although the chance of Charles Manson personally responding to your letter is slim, he does have a team within the prison that helps to answer the large number of letters he receives each week. The team has been known to reply with a card, flyer or a handwritten note.